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Get to know me!

My chosen work reflects

my greatest life joys:



Flowers are one of the most divine ways to celebrate any occasion. Whether its a personal bouquet to show love, a small gathering with friends or a grand event like a wedding- beautiful flowers add an extra sparkle to the day. I have been creating bouquets for years and take great pride in my craft. It's a joy to work with all the textures and colors that come in the flower world and bringing your wants and visions to fruition.


I have worked as a doula for many years. I am intrigued and amazed by the miracle of pregnancy, the birth process, and the incredible transformative experience a woman has in becoming a mother. 

It all began when, at age seven, I was blessed to attend the birth of my little brother. He was born at home near the woodstove in the living room after long and challenging physical, emotional, and spiritual effort by my mother. That was my first doula work. In helping my mother bring my brother into the world, I slowly walked along side my mom through strong labor sensations, fetched liquids for her to sip, and applied wet cloths to her face and body to cool her. Experiencing my brother's birth in this way stirred something deep inside me. That stirring has been growing stronger and brighter ever since. Mothers and families that chose my services before and during their birth experiences tell me that they appreciated my calmness, my intuitiveness, and especially my knowledge of and patience with the miracle of birth. I am filled with deep appreciation and am honored to assist women and families in the most intimate and life-changing event - BIRTH

As a birth doula, I am there solely to provide positive emotional and physical support for the blooming family. I will soon be adding services that cater to the families of premature babies, before, during and after birth. After recently experiencing birthing my own daughter at just 24 weeks gestation and emotionally and physically maneuvering through 5 months in the NICU with her, I recognized a great need for a doula-like relationship for families going through similar situations. It will be a great honor to help others in the intense journey of caring for a preemie and all the trials, tribulations and celebrations big and small that come with it.

Many referrals available


Excite your toast and fill your belly with organic Bramble Jam. Made from Northwest fruits with a touch of the tropics! It's so good, you'll be licking the jar! Perfect for gifts, and excellent party or wedding favors!


I am a licensed Esthetician in practice since 2003. I enjoy working with clients to meet each individual's needs and objectives using natural, toxin-free skin care. I welcome all people with interest in proper skin care and maintenance. If you have tried multiple products in search of perfect skin, but keep ending up with rashes. breakouts, or irritation you may be sensitive to chemicals, additives and preservatives most cosmetics manufacturers use in their products. 

United States standards for organic skin care are very lax. Many body and skin care products that are labelled "organic" simply have two or three organic ingredients. There can be many chemicals, solvents, and additives in these products that can upset and irritate skin. This can be of particular concern for people with food or environmental allergies, with busy and stressful work and personal lives, and with skin damaged by excessive sun exposure, certain medications, or other factors. Read labels carefully! It is a medically-recognized fact that our bodies absorb significant amounts of what we put on our skin, our largest organ. Many of us make a conscious effort to eat organic. We need to make similar choices for choosing skin and body care products.

There are easy steps to take to help you stop using harmful products! You can change the look, feel, and health of your skin.  


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